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Alfano — Molecule of life

Innovative approach to preserving organs, health and beauty of people with non -surgical methods

Alfano – Gas -shaped nitrogen monoxide generator (NO) in a high -frequency electric discharge chamber. Gas flows containing therapeutic concentrations of nitrogen monoxide, GENERATED FROM ATMOSPHERIC AIR.

  • Normalization of microcirculation due to vasodilation, anti -aggregate and anticoagulant action NO
  • Bactericidal effect
  • Induction of phagocytosis of bacteria neutrophils and macrophages
  • Activation of antioxidant protection
  • Regulation of specific and non -specific immunity
  • Improving nervous conduction (neurotransmissance)
  • Direct induction of fibroblast proliferation
  • Vascular growth
  • Collagen synthesis
  • Formation and maturation of granulation fabric
Boot of the thigh
Boot of the thigh

Indications for use

Lifting of the upper and lower eyelids
  • Burn wounds
  • Bedsores
  • Trophic ulcers
Deep and small wrinkles (correction)
Plasma peeling
Scars, striae and stretch marks
Alignment of the contour of the face

Therapeutic properties NO

Monoxide nitrogen( NO) – A universal regulator of physiological and metabolic processes in a separate cell and the body as a whole. Nitrogen monoxide, functioning as a signal molecule in almost all organs and tissues of a person, due to high penetrating ability, affects intracellular processes, practically without interacting with cellular receptors, since it is able to diffuse through the cell membrane and interact with targets directly inside the cell. Exogenous nitrogen monoxide as part of a gas flow produced with the help of Alfano's apparatus is a factor in severe wound healing stimulation.

Monoxide nitrogen (NO) belongs to the category of highly active substances. In nature, it is formed with lightning categories. The time of its existence – seconds (oxidizes before NO2). When blowing atmospheric air through a chamber with high -frequency plasma a gas stream is formed at the output. with the presence of nitrogen monoxide (NO) in therapeutic concentration. Using plasma installations, you can continuously receive nitrogen monoxide, which has found widespread use in all areas of medicine

  • Normalizes microcirculation
  • It has antibacterial action
  • Enhances infection and inflammation
  • Prevents suppuration
  • Prevents suppuration
  • Activates the function of macrophages and the proliferation of fibroblasts
  • Stimulates tissue regeneration
  • Significantly accelerates the healing of wounds, including infected
* In a series of experiments with conditionally Aseptic wounds and infected wounds (Stafilococc) - The healing area was reduced faster than in the control group on 45%. Granulation fabric begins to develop from 4 days , and from 14 days its fibrosion begins and epithelization begins.


  • Easy to handle
  • Small-sized
  • Does not require gas cylinder cylinders
  • Portable
Voltage: AT 220+/-10%
Nutrition from the network alternating current: frequency 50 Hz
Power consumption: no more 70 VA
Work examples
Before application Plazobest
Before application Plazobest
Before application Plazobest
Before application Plazobest

The use of cold plasma in the treatment of burn wounds

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Boot of the thigh

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Currently, products have certification only in the Russian Federation

About production

LLC "Innovation Technologies"

Activities: production medical and cosmetic equipment

Mission: an innovative approach to preserving organs, health and beauty of people with non -surgical methods around the world


The year of the founding of the company

  • Development is carried out in cooperation with scientific medical centers and practicing doctors;
  • The company has a license for the production of medical equipment;
  • The produced devices have a registration certificate of the Federal Service for Supervision in the field of healthcare;
  • The quality of the devices is confirmed by the presence of a certificate of conformity