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Plazobest — Plasmical rejuvenation of the skin

Plasma is the most common state of matter in the universe-the 4th state of the substance (liquid, solid, gaseous, plasma).

Plasma is an ionized gas containing positively and negatively charged ions, free electrons, neutral active forms of oxygen / nitrogen (ROS / RNS), free radicals and fragments of molecules.

Apparatus SUPERAN PLAZOBEST — The apparatus of plasma rejuvenation of the skin, the biological effects of which are based on the effects of quasininetral (approximate equality of positively and negatively charged ions) low -temperature (the temperature of the plasma bundle at the point of exposure does not exceed tens of degrees) plasma.

Boot of the thigh
Boot of the thigh

Plasma acts immediately at three levels:

Triggers the process of restoring the elasticity of the skin, provoking fibroblasts to produce their own collagen and elastin.
Evaporates moisture from the surface layers of the skin, reducing the skin flap and providing high -quality deep peeling.
Disinfects the skin due to the release of nitrogen monoxide, which allows you to treat many dermatological diseases.
This device is based on the effects of medium and high levels of plasma energy on fabric, when the plasma discharge carries thermal energy. Method technology – "Plasma excision".
Upon contact of the plasma torch with biological tissues, their instant evaporation occurs with the formation of a gray-brown color of the burn stalls. After plasma processing, the wound surface becomes sterile, as a rule, in bacteros of the growth of microbial flora is not observed.

Indications for use

Lifting of the upper and lower eyelids
Deep and small wrinkles (correction)
Plasma peeling
Scars, striae and stretch marks
Alignment of the contour of the face


  • Overall dimensions, mm, no more 190*180*50
  • The mass of the apparatus is not more than - 3 kg
  • Establishment of indicators - smooth, using rotary wheels
The frequency of high -frequency oscillations: 440 +/ - 2,5% kHz
Voltage: AT 220+/-10%
Netting from the network alternating current : Frequency 50 Hz
Power consumption: no more than 70 VA
Work examples
Before application Plazobest
Before application Plazobest
Before application Plazobest
Before application Plazobest


Currently, products have certification only in the Russian Federation

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